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Yoga, putting it all into practice.
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Someone recently asked me why I don’t play music when we practise together, and also if I could cut back the philosophy content and chat a little less perhaps? I explained politely that if this is what they wanted from their practice that’s no problem, but that is not how I view Yoga and so it is not how I teach. Should anyone (including you reading this, yes you!) want a different approach then you need to go to someone … Read More

Magical Munkudil, a little piece of paradise
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I am just coming to the end of a six night stay at Munkudil, an Ayurveda Yoga retreat in a rural part of Kerala, South India. The environment here is sublime. The entire place is founded on ecological principles, as well as being incredibly beautiful and, most unusually for India, very peaceful. The climate here is warm and tropical, but there is generally a gentle breeze that comes across the river to cool us. Elephants often visit the river to … Read More

What type of Yoga is it?
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I cannot tell you how frustrating I find this question! I get asked this a lot, and my response is usually ‘its Yoga’. Which is possibly not that helpful. I know that this question is usually asked in compete innocence. There are so many so called ‘types’ of Yoga being offered that it is no wonder people are confused. So I thought I would try to explain things from my perspective. There are five types of Yoga, these are as … Read More