Yoga, keeping it real
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I was introduced the other day as ‘A yoga teacher, and a person.’ How refreshing. All to often it can feel that because I teach Yoga I am apart from the regular members of the human race and that I should somehow float just above the ground and glide rather than walk as I am so serene and pure. This is not the case at all. If anything at all I feel that I am more human than most. I … Read More

Feeling ‘deranged’
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Vata derangement, in the world of Ayurveda, is a relatively common phenomenon, It is not something I had ever experienced, until now. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian ‘science of life’, a system that looks at individuals holistically and using the elements to put together individual constitutional types known as ‘Doshas.’ There are three different Dosha types and we all consist of all three, with different amounts of each in every one of us. We often have one dominant Dosha which … Read More

Out into the world!
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At the end of June this year I left the NHS. I had worked there since the age of 18, (I am now 46) when I started my general nurse training. I never subscribed to the pension, I didn’t intend staying…I stayed for longer than I intended but l did leave for a few years here and there in several futile attempts to find an alternative. I guess in some ways thats been a theme throughout my life. If I … Read More