I work at various locations throughout the year including:

  • The Yoga Retreat India with our Ayurvedic partner in Kerala, South India. Yoga teacher, founder and host.
  • Sunita Passi wellness centre and shop, Grantham, Leicestershire. Yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist.
  • The Clover Mill Ayurvedic retreat near Malvern, Worcestershire. Yoga teacher and Ayurveda Therapist.
  • Amchara health retreat in Somerset. Yoga teacher
  • Devon School of Yoga Ayurvedic tutor for Yoga Therapy course students
  • Yoga Torquay Seasonal workshops

Please check back for details of workshop and retreat dates through the year


12 August - 18 September inclusive
Yoga classes every week at the Sunita Passi Wellness Centre, Grantham, Notts

Mondays 6-7pm Yoga Basics for beginners
Mondays 730-830pm Yoga practice group, intermediate 
Tuesdays 1030-1130am Therapeutic Yoga
Tuesdays 6-7pm Yoga practice group, intermediate
Tuesdays 730-830pm Yoga Basics for beginners

Following this six weeks of classes I will be returning to this venue on a regular basis as a guest teacher and therapist


Saturday 19 October 2-5pm
Introduction to Ayurveda, Focus on Vata at Forge Yoga Totnes

Vata is the energy of air and ether, the energy that gives us our inspiration and creativity. When focused it feeds our imagination and allows us to feel free and full of vitality. In excess this energy can create anxiety, restlessness, a feeling of being ungrounded, insomnia and physical symptoms of bloating, constipation and IBS as well as headaches and migraines.
This three hour workshop we will explore how our Yoga practices can calm and bring this energy back into balance as well as simple things you can include in your daily routine to help with any physical symptoms, as well as anxiety and insomnia. 
This afternoon will include:
Yoga and Pranayama practice for maintaining balance and equilibrium (Asana, Pranayama and Nidra). 
Discussion on examples of all the different energies and how they manifest in our daily life.                                                        
The Ayurvedic daily clock and yearly cycles                                                                                                                            
Meditation on the elements and energy body

Cost is £25 per person, email virginiasyoga@icloud.com
Booking with a £10 deposit is required to secure your place


Saturday 26 October 2019 10am - 1pm
Beyond Asana, a morning workshop at Yoga Torquay

The Yoga sutras give us 8 limbs of Yoga and yet in the west we primarily focus on Asana (postures).
This workshop will include a simple Asana routine and will then focus upon Bandha, Pranayama, Nidra and Meditation, allowing us to experience the shift of energy in the bodymind, withdrawing our senses (pratyahara) using Mudra and NIdra and then focusing to assist a state of meditative awareness.

This will be followed by refreshments with opportunity for discussion of the experience and questions as well as consideration of how tis may be incorporated into our regular self practice.
Cost is £25, £10 deposit payable on booking. Please email Virginia on virginiasyoga@icloud.com to book your place.
If booked with afternoon workshop then cost of both workshops is £45 (a saving of £5)


Saturday 26 October 2019 2pm - 5pm
Introduction to Ayurveda, an afternoon workshop at Yoga Torquay

Everyone attending will be sent an introductory email and dosha questionnaire to complete in advance.

Introductions and discussion on purpose of the workshop and present knowledge of the group
Basics of Samkhya philosophy, specifically focusing on the Gunas and Doshas
Discussion on examples of the different energies and how they see them in daily life, to include
how different foods, lifestyle choices, routines and Yoga practices and how all of this can all alter
the energy balance.
The Ayurvedic daily clock and yearly cycles
Autumn detox with kitchari cleanse, handout will be given
Talk about doshas and answer individual questions (also time at end of workshop for more private
discussion if required)
Yoga and Pranayama practice for maintaining balance and equilibrium.
Meditation on the elements and energy body
Opportunity to purchase Ayurvedic herbs and products
Cost is £25, £10 deposit payable on booking. Please email Virginia on virginiasyoga@icloud.com to book your place.
If booked with morning workshop then cost of both workshops is £45 (a saving of £5)


10am 1pm | 23rd November 2019 | 25 January 2020 | 29 February 2020 | 28 March 2020
Saturday morning Yoga at Yoga Torquay

We will begin the morning with Yoga Nidra to settle and centre in ourselves. We will then move slowly into an Asana (posture) practice followed by a focused Pranayama (breathing) practice, Meditation and a second, more potent, Yoga Nidra will complete our practice.
I will be available afterwards to discuss the practice, and to answer any questions about Yoga or Ayurveda.
This practice is suitable for everyone, regardless of ability or experience.
Booking is essential, please email Virginia on virginiasyoga@icloud.com to secure your place.
Cost is £20, £10 deposit payable on booking.


6 -16 December 2019
Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India with The Yoga Retreat India

Awaken your senses, expand your awareness, rebalance your body and mind, take time for yourself to immerse in this experience. Join us on an incredible journey, with The Yoga retreat India.

Our professional and dedicated team will ensure that you are well looked after. All of our team have extensive experience of travel throughout this remarkable nation. We will ensure that your journey is exciting and well organised. Rest and relax, knowing that you will feel fully cared for throughout your whole trip.

Our retreat is in the area of Cherai in Kerala. We have a peaceful private venue with a dedicated Yoga space and Ayurveda treatment rooms. The Cherai area is famed for its stunning coastline and white sand beach, as well as for being on the Kerala ‘backwaters’ with miles of beautiful waterways and lush green vegetation. It is a quiet but interesting area, with easy access to local places which we will visit, as well as being just a 45 minute drive from Cochin airport. The atmosphere here is relaxed and easy.

The cost is £1350 per person, all inclusive. A deposit of £400 is required to secure your place (non refundable). This is based on staring a room with one other person, the single room supplement or superior room is an additional £200.
Flights and visas are extra cost, our flight agent will assist you with flight booking and visas.

The maximum size for our group is 12. We like to keep it personal and to give you as much time and space as you need. During your stay with us your every need will be catered for. Our team are on hand to ensure that you have the best experience possible.
Upon confirming your booking with a deposit you will receive a step by step guide to what will be happening and what you need to do about visas and so on. Remember we want to make this as easy and enjoyable as we can for you so please ask if you are not sure of anything.

The retreat is for 10 days and will include:
Pick up from airport Ayurvedic doctors consultation and relaxing massage upon arrival.
3 sessions daily (morning, late afternoon and evening) of Yoga and Meditation.
Daily Ayurvedic massage therapy and medicinal Ayurvedic herbs.
121 Yoga therapy session, 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily.
Sightseeing trips in the local area.

Optional extras (at extra cost) include:
Extra massage treatments, Additional 121 Yoga Therapy ,Reiki/ Pranic healing sessions
Indian astrology (Jyotisha), Additional excursions/activities, Onward travel arrangements
Aftercare package, via email or Skype

Please contact me with any questions and visit the retreat website for more details The Yoga Retreat India


Private Yoga, Ayurveda and cookery lessons

These are available by prior arrangement, booking is essential.

The cost is £40 per hour for individuals and £60 per hour for tailored groups of up to six people.

A one to one or tailored group Yoga session can really enhance the experience when in a regular Yoga class environment. When having a private session the teacher is able to focus fully on your posture, breath and alignment as well as taking into account your individual capabilities. The result is a practice tailored to you as an individual, giving adaptations and experience which you can then use in your personal practice or in a bigger class environment.

Yoga therapy involves working with you on an individual basis to help you to manage your health conditions using Yoga techniques such as postures and breathing. It is similar in approach to wellness coaching. It incorporates some lifestyle advice and discussion on diet and daily routines.


Ayurvedic wellness assessment is a thorough discussion, analysis and assessment of your general health and wellbeing. Lifestyle changes and recommendations, including appropriate Yoga practices, Ayurvedic diet and routines as well as massage therapy are then suggested for you and tailored to your individual constitution, taking into account any imbalances.


Discuss your life experiences with food. Look at what you eat and how you view food and how you eat in your daily life. Consider the changes you wish to make and then learn simple recipes and techniques to bring healthy and delicious whole foods into your everyday routine. This three hour session also requires a discussion one week before hand (via phone or Skype). You will be asked to keep a food diary and to purchase a basic shopping list. I will provide some basic store cupboard ingredients which I use regularly that may be new to you, these will be yours to keep. You will receive a follow up email and recipes maximum of one week afterwards.

Cancellation policy ~ Please understand that when you book a slot I have reserved this time for you. Please give as much notice as possible if you do need to rearrange to enable me to fill the slot. Someone else may be in need of a treatment and it is very frustrating when people don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute!

Therefore if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will incur a 50% fee and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will require you to pay the full cost of the session.