Turn off, Switch on

Imagine a place where the buzz and bustle of todays modern, frenetic pace of the world doesn’t disturb you. Imagine being immersed in an environment which is peaceful, grounding, calming and full of nature. Magical ancient trees, lush green everywhere, the elements of fire, earth, water and fresh air. Delicious wholesome food.Good energy within and all around you. Can such a place exist? Yes it can, and it does.

I am not given to advertising, especially within this blog which is usually pertaining to personal musings rather than anything else. However I am incredibly fortunate to be co-hosting the Wilderfox weekends. This touches not only my ‘professional’ demeanour but a very personal part of me too.

What is Wilderfox? Wilderfox come from the incredibly creative mind of Robin Fox. Robin is a remarkable person who followed his dreams since an early age (always something to be admired I believe) and worked for 15 years as a magician. He then moved back to Devon (where he is originally from) and retrained as a level 4 survival instructor.

Robin is incredibly passionate about the outdoors, about health and wellness and about locally sourced and healthy wholesome food. He describes himself as seeing the magic in everything and that is certainly what he is passing onto others and to myself with his current Wilderfox weekends.

On the weekend we have recently co-hosted participants camped (we had wonderful warm and dry weather!). We all rose early for early morning gentle yoga and meditation, we lay under huge ancient oak tree branches contemplating the elements in their dappled shade. We learned to light fire and experienced the wonder that man must have experienced when discovering this for the first time. Water and where to find it was another session, plus natural navigation using the sun and environment to find our way, bees and how they live, wholesome cookery and awareness of the energetics of ourselves and food, plus a great fun session of archery! and so much more…. All of these sessions create such awareness of our natural resources that we have come to take for granted and strip bare on a daily basis.

The weekend we have just hosted was truly idyllic. From sitting around the fire in the dark talking and laughing late into the night to preparing our food to share together, it was absolutely magical. But there is another reason for me  writing this. Robin Fox is a truly good and generous soul, a somewhat rare thing is this world at times. As some of you may know from previous blogs I haven’t had the best of years and just when I needed something to shift, something good to come along, something inspirational, completely different, he appeared. This is why I am writing about the Wilderfox weekends. Because the amazing person behind them is real, genuine and sincere in what he aims to do. He really means everything he says, its no gimmick. For this reason you really should meet him, and come along and experience it for yourself, be inspired to live a little differently, to be in nature, to let go, even if it is just for a short while.

Imagine lying under a great sprawling account oak tree, looking up through its branches. be aware of the roots and earth beneath supporting you. Feel the air on your skin and the warmth of the sun. Nowhere to be, nothing to do. Just turn off and switch on. We all need to stop and just be sometimes don’t we? Come and join us, go wild.