Painted Heart
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For the heart to need healing it must be broken, right?On some level aren’t all of our hearts broken? Haven’t we all at some point in our lives, from early childhood, experienced disappointment, loss, trust issues, some kind of emotional conflict? ...

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I get off the train at Kings Cross station. I walk up until I reach the carnage and detritus, the ugly, twisted, violent beauty of the Caledonian Road. It was his place, our place. It was my place first, back in the day. It is my place again now, I ...

Group of women laughing
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Recently a dear friend said to me ‘Just be yourself’. How amazing. The most beautiful thing anyone ever said to me. Just to be myself is enough, I have learned. And you, just to be yourself is enough. You are a beautiful goddess, wild, free spirited, ...

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Recently I’ve been really looking into who I am. This may sound strange at first so let me explain.

We are generally seen as our roles or places in society. How often do we meet someone new and the initial question is always ‘what do you do?’ ...

Smiley Drawing
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New years day morning 2018. I wake and stretch and my breastbone cracks, it feels as though my heartspace is literally breaking open after months of being stuck and stagnant. My awareness tumbled straight into my hearts consciousness. Happy new year. ...

Sunset over the ocean
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Analysing anxiety

A feeling in the guts

The pit of the stomach

Gnawing, grinding, churning

Total and complete unease

Fear and dread

An overwhelming urge to run

Far far away

As swiftly as I can

Like a ...

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