Winter 2022

Deep Dive into Yoga Nidra
Friday 18 - Sunday 20 November 2022
at No4 Station Yard, Ashburton, Devon

This 18 hour course offering is for anyone who is interested in the practice of Yoga Nidra, including Yoga students, and Yoga teachers as well as holistic therapists, anyone with a curiosity about what lies beneath the layers of the mind and how to calm thoughts and thinking. The aim is to give you an in depth experience of the layers of consciousness experienced within Yoga Nidra together with a straightforward understanding of this process, so that you can then practise yourself in a way that feels helpful and supportive.

It is suggested that you bring a notebook and pen. You will also need a yoga mat, blankets, cushions and anything else to be comfortable whilst lying down and also sitting.

The course will include

  • Three different approaches to rotating awareness around the physical body
  • A thorough overview of the 5 layers of our bodymind using the koshas
  • Specific physical practices for settling and making the body comfortable to practice, adaptations and therapeutic tips
  • Pranayama (breathing practices) specifically to alleviate anxiety and nervous tension in the bodymind
  • Consideration of our ’Sankalpa’, our intention for this practice and how we can use this as part of the practice
  • All practices will be recorded and made available for you in a dropbox to download and keep.
  • Course notes will be sent afterwards on email.

Yoga Nidra, meaning Yoga sleep, is a deeply transformative therapeutic practice that requires no prior experience and for which you do not need to be able to move or be any particular way, therefore it is suitable for absolutely everyone. It is incredibly helpful for alleviating stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as for general health and wellbeing.

Friday 11am-6pm

  • 11am Arrivals and Yoga Nidra practice
  • 1130 Introductions and discussion. What is Yoga Nidra?
  • 1200 Introduction to the five koshas, five layers of being
  • 1-2pm lunch break
  • 2pm Sankalpa part one
  • 3pm The Nidra process and different rotations.
  • 4pm Yoga Nidra practice, Satyananada rotation
  • 445pm Short break and questions
  • 5pm Where do we go during Nidra? What was your experience?
  • 6pm Finish

Saturday 11am-6pm

  • 11am Moving into Nidra, pwanmuktasana practice
  • 1145am Yoga Nidra practice, Himalayan rotation
  • 1215am Discussion about settling the physical body
  • 1215-1pm Sankalpa part two
  • 1-2pm lunch break
  • 2pm Rotations, the Himalayan approach
  • 230pm Settling part two, restorative practices
  • 430pm Yoga Nidra practice, Himalayan rotation
  • 5pm short break and questions
  • 515pm Pairs of opposites
  • 6pm Finish

Sunday 10am-5pm

  • 10am Settling the body. Moving into the breath, pranayama.
  • 1100am Yoga Nidra practice, Neurological technique and breath focus.
  • 1145am Review of the koshas and practice process.
  • 12-1pm Sankalpa part three
  • 1-2pm lunch break
  • 2pm To visualise or to not visualise? What are the alternatives?
  • 230pm Review of settling options and process, rotations, opposites and breath focus
  • 3pm Yoga Nidra practice
  • 4pm Summary and questions. Using sound.
  • 430pm Self practice plan.
  • 5pm Finish

The cost per person is £135, with an EARLY BIRD offer of £108 if booked BEFORE 21st September.
50% deposit payable on booking and balance due two weeks prior to the course start date.
Please contact Virginia to book. Herbal teas and healthy snacks will be provided. Please bring your own lunch on each day.

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