Autumn 2022

Saturday 22 October 930am - 5pm at Yoga Torquay

As darker days begin to approach, Samhain and the day of the dead will soon be celebrated around the world. Autumn time is all around us. This is teaching us about letting go. This day long workshop gently approaches this topic.

When we grasp, cling on, we do not let go. Everything always changes in the end.
Therefore we must learn to let go or we will suffer.

  • 930am Introductions, arrive and settle (with Yoga Nidra)
  • 10am - 12 midday Yoga asana practice, learning to let go with the body
  • 12 - 1215pm short break
  • 1215 - 1pm Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. Learning to let go with the breath.
  • 1 - 2pm Break for lunch
  • 2 - 3pm Sound healing with Sally of Body Tranquillity
  • 3 - 315pm Short break
  • 315 - 5pm Discussion on letting go, including life, death and rebirth cycles as well as the techniques we use in Yoga to help us to learn to let go, followed by preparation for and focus upon savasana, the corpse posture. Deep relaxation and understanding the layers of consciousness and yoga nidra through practice.

The cost of this one day workshop is £45. Booking is directly with Yoga Torquay.

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